Fuchidori Design started from mounting.

  • Our history started from Hyoso, production of hanging scrolls.

    We run a stationary shop dedicated to calligraphy in Kitakyushu in Japan, which celebrated 70 year-old anniversary last year.

    I was brought up to be a scroll artisan and my parents have often told me that our role is assistant behind the scene, to make stand out the artwork.

    This teaching made me a good listener and I always listen to my client to understand their needs.

Our techniques combined the traditional and the modern

  • The calligraphy art has been evolving over times, while maintaining the dignity of the tradition.

    This definitely owes to the effort of calligraphy artists who never give up improving their work.

    I, as a scroll artisan, always want to stay beside them to support their life-time challenge and optimize the charm of their work with my techniques.

Hyoso works