Fuchidori Design started from mounting.

  • My family operates the shop in Kitakyushu where we deal calligraphy related products.
    The shop has a 70 years history.
    I was trained as a paper-hanger and told that a paper-hanger is a prompter and mounting itself is not a main either.

    Nevertheless we do not simply support you but would to like to make the work together with incorporating lots of your ideas and opinion.
    We would welcome any request including exhibition as well as display at home.

Mounting in modern.

  • Calligraphy has been developing by succeeding elegance in tradition “ not only new style”.
    The development has been made by present calligrapher and I hope that we keep developing together incorporating calligrapher’s sentiment and challenge as paper-hanger.
    I would be happy if we create new work showing pleasure of calligraphy by making calligraphy work appealing with my mounting.

    Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for hanging scroll or framing.

Hyoso works