Make a frame with thumbs and index fingers
And look into the frame
Even in daily life
You may find something different through the frame Framing leads to connecting one by one
And become Harmony

Fuchidori design 代表 筒井晶子




We reform your Kimono which you keep to new display or other interior art by Order made Fuchidori Design.

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Fuchidori Design starts from mounting and we undertake any request in framing and hanging scroll.

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What is Fuchidori Design?

Fuchidori Design


Shoko Tsutsui

  • 筒井晶子
  • Profile
    Ms.Tsutsi who was graduated from School of Interior Design in Tokyo and succeeds the family business which started 70 years ago engaged in calligraphy related products and mounting.
    She studied at Tachiko Hayashi, mounting creator in 2011 and started own mounting and hanging scroll by order-made. She started he own original work from 2018.
    Self Introduction
    Hello, I am Shoko Tsutsui and working at the shop in Kitakyushu with 70 years history as stated above. I joined it in 2013 and start own works in hanging scroll with calligraphyand interior arts with Kimono.
    I am very pleased if you find my new works which reform old Kimono into new
    concept and design at Fuchidori Design.

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