Make a square with your thumbs and forefingers and look through the frame. You can find a new aspect in a scene of your daily life.

Fuchidori design 代表 筒井晶子




Fuchidori design is specialized in framing. We can frame anything from your original art to your favorite fabrics.
We design interior decoration as well, optimizing your artwork.

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Fuchdori design was originally started from my family business Hyoso,

production of hanging scrolls.
We can frame anything with different techniques.
Please contact us for more information.

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What is Fuchidori Design?

Fuchidori Design


Shoko Tsutsui

  • 筒井晶子
  • Biography
    1986 born in Kitakyushu in Japan
    2005-2007 Studied interior design in Tokyo
    2007- Took over a stationary shop specialized in calligraphy art which is her family business since 1940s.
    2011- Studied calligraphy framing, hanging scrolls under the master of the field, Ms.Tomoko Hayashi.
    2018 - Launched Fuchidori design and produce and sell her original work.
    Thank you for visiting my platform.
    My name is Shoko Tsutsui. I run a stationary shop in Kitakyushu, situated in southern Japan, which is my family business since 1940s.
    I launched Fuchidori design in 2018 and I make original frames and artwork using kimono fabrics.
    I love to talk with my clients to understand what they really want and find a best way to meet their expectations.

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