Order made

Revive your memories with a new frame.

  • How about frame your favorite fabrics or artwork to make a new piece of art? We take custom-made orders.

    In Fuchidori design, we don’t only remake you object, but we also put a new value on it and make a new art piece, optimizing their originalities.

    Tell us if you have something to frame and we’d love to listen about the history of the piece and ideas of what you really want, to realize unique and personalized object together.

    It would be great if we could help you realize your dream piece to hand it to the next generations.

For house, Ryokan and gift.

  • Do you have something to frame?
    Tell us any ideas you want to realize and we do our best for it.

    We have worked with many clients in many projects such as simple framing, entire hotel renewal project and organization of art exposition. We are very flexible and available to use many techniques depending on the styles you wish.

    Your pleasure is our pleasure and you’ll never regret to work with us.

Order made works