I want to make your one and only piece.

  • Decorating your home enhances your life, it adds colors on it.
    I have some experiences which I felt supported by the space surrounding me.

    You also might have similar experiences, like being comforted or encouraged by your family pictures on the wall.

    Seasonal decorations can remind you of the life changing day by day.

    My mission is to make your precious things possible to decorate for making your life better.

New path for Kimono fabrics from wearing to decorating

  • Kimonos are made of fabulous fabrics in which you can see the aesthetic sense and artistry as well as amazing embroidery, weaving and tanning techniques. Our predecessors have spent a great deal of time and effort for them.

    However, these days we no longer wear kimono on a daily basis, and many kimonos are kept in wardrobes, never seeing the light of day.
    It's a great pity to waste such a wonderful material.

    I have been reflecting to find a new way to make good use of it and Fuchidori collection, my artwork with kimono fabrics was born from the thoughts.

    Through my work, I want to inherit Japanese culture, craftsmanship and traditional colors passed down to us through the generations. Also I try to make the most of the characteristics of each kimono fabric.

    My hope is to make people discover the real value of kimono.

  • 筒井晶子
  • Fuchidori Design


    Shoko Tsutsui

    I am also engaged in mounting at interior space using calligraphy, Kimono, Obi and scarf to make the wall comfortable and beautiful.

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