Adding a new work to your space.

  • “ It may add color to daily life if the art is displayed at wall and other space.”
    I have been often inspired by the space around myself.
    Have you ever experienced to be encouraged or healed by some works and arts ?
    It may provide you with new stimulation and sensitivity when you display new one at any timing such as seasonal and commemoration.

    Fuchidori Design will try to please anyone by displaying the work with any important memories, and preserve Japanese culture expressing craftsmanship, four seasons and colors.
    I try to express the universe with Japanese culture to make you feel good memory and Inspiration.

Kimono to change from wear to display.

  • There are quite a few masterpiece of Kimono which were made with enormous amount of skill and time and there we recognize the beauty and art.
    Japanese do not often wear Kimono these days and put them into storage. Many Kimono way never be used again unfortunately.

    In Fuchidori collection, I try to revive those Kimono masterpiece as contemporary work utilizing precious color and detail embroidery. I have tried to derive the value of each Kimono and Obi and combine those originality into the work. I hope you can enjoy the real value of old Kimono.

  • 筒井晶子
  • Fuchidori Design


    Shoko Tsutsui

    I am also engaged in mounting at interior space using calligraphy, Kimono, Obi and scarf to make the wall comfortable and beautiful.